Authentic Mexican cuisine

"In 2008, Isabel Balderas moved to Warsaw to start a new life with her husband Konrad. She came from her hometown Puebla, where she graduated with a degree in gastronomy. As a foreigner, she gradually built her gastronomic career in Poland. Her goal has always been to promote her own culture and authentic Mexican cuisine.

At the beginning, she led cooking workshops and organised events to show poles the Mexican festivities. She had opportunities to create menus for renowned hotels and worked in other Mexican restaurants, to which she brought her own recipes with the aim of introducing authentic flavours.

In May 2022, she was able to fulfil her dream and so Santa Catrina was born - a place where you can find a part of Mexico in every detail.

As Santa Catrina, we support Mexican and Polish artisans and artists. Our Catrina is a handmade work by maestro Juan Gerardo García. You will also find the skill and creativity of Mexican artists everywhere: tablecloths, logo, murals, the mexican folklore dancer and of course in our menu.

A showcase for Mexican cuisine in Poland

Restauracja "Santa Catrina" jest bez wątpienia wizytówką meksykańskiej kuchni w Polsce. Przy wejściu witają nas żywe kolory, meksykański folklor i ciepła atmosfera, która przenosi gości na meksykańskie Karaiby. Ale to dopiero początek - prawdziwa magia dzieje się w kuchni.